Professional Security Guards Services


Mobile patrols remain one of the most profitable methods to maintain a physical presence and deterrence visible security at their facilities when full-time security is not practical or cost inhibitory. Our state of the art vehicles mobile patrol are equipped with GPS vehicle tracking integrated, intelligent Wands, mobile communications and technology tablet giving our staff the skills to communicate quickly and efficient tools. These tools are used to ensure a fully transparent service is delivered every day.

Our staff mobile patrol are not only armed with the best technology and support, but also issued with OH & S compliant equipment including: kits first aid response, rechargeable flashlights, high visibility vests, equipment, traffic control, radio back to the base, storage boxes, place cards, digital cameras and fuel cards.

Our mobile patrol services may include:

• The opening and closing of your property or installation

• Complete internal inspections of all buildings and / or rooms

• External inspections, including near the lines and points of entry / exit

• Staff welfare checks and accompanying staff

• Machinery inspections

• The installation of highly visible warning signs placed around the site of deterrence

• Quick reports of any damage or graffiti

• Quick Report on any activity and unusual or suspicious incidents

Intech Security provides alarm services and effective security response with the ability to respond to any situation that may occur.

Our services include;

• Intruder alarms

• Personal alarms 

• Fire alarms and smoke

• Armed security systems

• Medical alarms

• Alarm equipment and machinery

• Noise complaints 



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